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Directional drilling is the science of deviating a wellbore along a planned path to a target located at given lateral distance and direction from vertical. This includes drilling as vertically as possible from a given TVD.

Choice Directional Services combines proven workflows and technologies to place a large quantity of quality data in the hands of expert directional drillers. The data enable them to make time-critical decisions for efficient, accurate drilling of extended-reach, horizontal, vertical, and complex directional wells and sidetracks.

Our experienced directional drillers and proven technologies provide the trajectory control needed to drill the well correctly, the high-quality hole required for successfully running and cementing casing, and the precise placement of the wellbore in the reservoir to optimize production and maximize recovery and ROP.

Our directional drilling technologies increase ROP and minimize flat time. Steerable motors enable precise directional control. LWD and MWD services acquire real-time measurements for geosteering and formation evaluation.

Choice Directional Services


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