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Mud Logging & Geological Services

Five Star Petroleum Corporation manufactured and assembled mud logging cabins skid mounted, pressurized, with certified eye pads. The number of cabins delivered under Five Star Petroleum Guarantee is +120 cabins which certified by DNV 2.7-1 offshore containers under assessment no. S-5914. Our extensive client base covers North America, South America, Middle East, & North Africa and is currently expanding in the global market. Five Star Petroleum Corporation successfully operated in USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Middle East and Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Five Star Petroleum Logging System (FSLS) provides a full range of rig monitoring, data acquisition, mud logging and drilling engineering services. The Standard mud logging and rig monitoring services are based around our online computerized units (FSL system). Field Drilling Technique (FDT) and consultancy services (geologists, drilling and petroleum engineers) are available from Five Star alliance partners drilling services pool of experienced and qualified personnel.

Mud Logging

Advanced computer systems with applications software augment these services. They can be offered as part of the well site and office based services with configuration to client's specific needs. The online computerized unit (FSL system) can be installed in various forms depending on client requirements. The FSL system is an intelligent, multi-tasking, real time data acquisition and monitoring system. It accepts inputs from all the sensors and provides real time monitoring with audio-visual alarms and error messages of parameters with output to 19', 23', and 32' LCD monitors, explosion proof rig floor monitor, chart recorders and printers.

All data variables and interval averages are directly stored in a non-volatile data memory buffer. These are accessed by the applications computers, for data manipulation, permanent data storage, plotting and running applications software (DPIC®).

The online server network station with DTCIS software® creates a comprehensive database of all drilling and geological parameters on high storage capacity media with data backup facilities. Full database management and editing is effected and a range of application programs run to enhance analysis and data interpretation. Real time, color graphic displays are available with the server network station. It displays and stores selected time based information at one second intervals.

The scope of the logging systems can be expanded through the transmission to a town office system. Data can be transferred via dial up communications as well as LAN connections, or just by disc update in ASCII format. When rig operations dictate, printed reports and real time displays (graphic screens) can be produced in the town office on call by the user. In addition, through batch transfer, time or depth related parameters, can be received on the office PC with full access to all applications software, including log plots, and data printouts. FS field staff highly trained and highly qualified to provide the best mud logging services at highest performance. The personnel involved have many areas of expertise: geology, formation evaluation, drilling, pressure evaluation, and log analysis.

Data Acquisition System
Data Acquisition Unit
Data Acquisition Unit (DAQ) TVR 60-8A
  • Analog to digital conversion of slowly changing positive current signals on 60 current channels.
  • Measuring of angular move of two phase draw works revolutions sensor.
  • Measuring of frequency on eight channels (pulse/sec) with further conversion of the obtained values into current or voltage.
  • Definition of conditions on eight channels.
  • Closing-unclosing of normally open “dry” contacts on eight channels.
  • Power supply to sensors (barriers) + 24V.
  • Digital data transfer to the unit computer via RS-422/485 interface in conformity with the exchange protocol.
  • Data acquisition unit is equipped with the keyboard beeper and a password protection against unauthorized change of data.
Technical Data
  • Analog to digital conversion of slowly changing positive current signals on 60 current channels.
  • Measuring of angular move of two phase draw works revolutions sensor.
  • Measuring of frequency on eight channels (pulse/sec) with further conversion of the obtained values into current or voltage.
  • Definition of conditions on eight channels.
  • Closing-unclosing of normally open “dry” contacts on eight channels.
  • Power supply to sensors (barriers) + 24V.
  • Digital data transfer to the unit computer via RS-422/485 interface in conformity with the exchange protocol.
  • Data acquisition unit is equipped with the keyboard beeper and a password protection against unauthorized change of data.
Display Recorder
Display Recorder "Touch Screen"
  • It is a chartless high-end display recorder in 300 mm x 300 mm format with 12.1" Color- TFT-Display.
  • Power consumption: Max 7.5 VA.
Recorder Transokomp
Recorder Transokomp 350
  • Transokomp 350 is configurable microprocessor multipoint data recorder for up to 30 channels. Connection of thermocouples, resistive sensors and voltage transducers is direct. Whereas current signals are connected via external shunts. Measuring ranges and sensor types can be configured easily via the built-in key panel.
  • The raster scan method and the improved dot-matrix printing system permits recording of max.30 channels plus 30 additional calculated values in 2 seconds. This simultaneous recording optimizes the accuracy and ensures reliable data analysis. For optimizing data evaluation, there are optional arithmetic functions with them Transokomp 350 can execute analyses for which other recorders require a separate computer. The input signals can be DC voltage or current, thermocouples, resistance and logic signals.
Input module
  • Universal (DC voltage, RTD, TC. DI), DCV/TC/DI. (Dedicated input)
Communication interface module
  • RS-232-C
FiveStar Petroleum DAQ PRO
FiveStar Petroleum DAQ PRO

FiveStar DAQ data pro (it is a backup DAQ) This DAQ is mainly an electronic board that implements the functions of a complete data acquisition system.

This PCB can deal with the following inputs
  • 40 analog channels 8 frequency channels "0-1 KHz" 4 up/down counter channels
  • All the inputs are connected to PCB via 3 flat cables "1" for digital inputs and "2" for analog inputs. The PCB is connected to computer by a USB cable "male/male" and transmits all data to computer using the software included with DAQ./li>
Technical Data
  • Supply voltage DC: 5V "from USB or external power supply".
  • Power Consumption: Max. 7.5 VA.
  • Interface between PCB and computer: USB cable "male/male".
  • Max. input frequency "Freq. channels": 1 KHz.
  • Operation temperature: Up to 50°C.
Up/Down Counters
Display Unit Counter
Display Unit Counter
  • Display unit with analogue output for different operation modes.
  • Tachometer, frequency meter.
  • Counter for positions and events.
  • Baking time, processing time (reciprocal speed).
  • Timer, stopwatch.
  • Speed display from delay between start/stop inputs.
  • Typical application for Five Star Petroleum MLU: it works as an up/down counter with the draw work sensor with digital display and analog output fed to the data acquisition.
  • System which delivers these data into the online system to specify the depth and rate of penetration "ROP" on Five Star Petroleum software.
Frequency Converter
Universal Frequency Converter
Universal Frequency Converter
  • The universal frequency converter (UFC) is a device that converts input pulses "freq. signal" into analog output current or voltage. The device is marked with "Ex" so, it's suitable for the connection of field devices used in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Field circuits for this device are intrinsically safe and are galvanic isolated from non-intrinsically safe circuits. The device thus establishes an electromagnetic separation between the potentially explosive atmospheres and the safe areas in a system. Typical applications for the universal frequency converter (UFC) are SPM and RPM measurements.
Geological Equipments
Stereo Microscope with Digital Camera
Stereo Microscope with Digital Camera

Stereo digital microscope consists of two different digital imaging chip options as well as two different bases. Denoted by the letter "W" for manual white balance, the DMW microscopes feature a multiple output CCD imaging chip, while the DM units have a high resolution digital only imaging sensor inside the head of the zoom microscope.

The digital camera inside the microscope enables the user to
  • Show the samples photos on PC using a USB cable.
  • Zoom the taken photos on PC.
  • Modify these shots using the given software.
Sensitive Shale Density Balance
Sensitive Shale Density Balance

Sensitive balance is used to precisely determine the weight of small samples "not more than 200gm", this target in Five Star Petroleum MLU is specially made to be used for calcimetery and also for "shale density" determination. To measure the shale density with this balance, we need the auxiliary kit for shale density which is ordered separately.

Ultra Violet Box with Portable Light
Ultra Violet Box with Portable Light

The CN-6 darkroom delivers with one or two hand held UV lamps (VL-6 model) in any of the three following wavelengths: 254, 365 or 312 nm. The darkroom is supplied without lamps and allows different lighting possibilities according to user's choice.

Key Features
  • Large capacity.
  • Large black rubber curtain for easy access to the inside.
  • UV absorber shield to protect the user from the UV light.
  • Removable lamps that can be used for hand held applications.
  • Single or dual wavelength.
  • Long life filter and high UV output.
  • Ondulex ® reflector & aluminum housing for increased durability.
  • Easy to handle, stand or holder to add versatility.
Technical Data
  • Box model: CN-6
  • UV lamp model: VL-6.L
  • Tubes (Watt): 1 x 6-Watt
  • Wavelength (nm): 365
  • Intensity at 15 cm (µw/cm2): 700
Gas Detection System
Dual channel FID
Dual channel FID gas chromatgraph and total gas

Rack mounted GC is designed to mount in 19" shelf-equipped racks. This GC is equipped with a packed column and back flush facilities which guarantee an accurate and quick HC analysis.

The GC front Panel allows monitoring gas pressures, detector parameters,and column oven temperatures.

It has three gas pressure (EPC) control zones, seven detector parameter control zones (FID igniter, PID lamp current, etc), and five temperature control zones. Each control zone is adjusted by a trim pot, located on the front edge of the top panel (immediately behind the front control panel).

Gas Flow Control Panel
Gas Flow Control Panel

Carrier gas, hydrogen, air, and make up gas are separately flow controlled. Flow rates are readable from the flow meters installed in the flow control system.

The flow controller is also used to control sample pressure, sample flow, carrier pressure and carrier flow, as well as to filter sample and carrier from any contamination. The system is attached to a purge system for auto cleaning of the gas line.

Alarm and pressure gauge facilitate checking, adjusting and controlling flow to have clean, adjustable and steady sample parameters.

Hydrogen generator
Hydrogen Generator (Ballston AGS)

Standard electrical supply and deionized water is all that is required to generate a safe continuous supply of 99.9999 + % pure hydrogen, ideal for carrier and fuel gas applications. Safe only to produce as much hydrogen as you require with a flow capacity up to 200 ml/min and up to 6 bar pressure.

This hydrogen generator guarantees the following:
  • Elimination of high-pressure gas cylinders from the unit.
  • Hassle free gas supply without the problems associated with cylinder handling.
  • Generate gas where it's used and remove the risk of leaks from extended lengths of piping.
CO2 Gas Detector
CO2 Gas Detector

Infrared CO2 gas detector for continuous monitoring of carbon dioxide. It offers all benefits of fail-safe IR measurement technology for applications in rough environments. The transmitter uses microprocessor technology to convert the signal to a 4-20 mA analog output.

The unit is designed for one-man calibration and offers a variety of diagnostics and self-test features. The configuration and calibration of the transmitter is menu guided and easy to perform, using the built-in push buttons.

With the ATEX approval (device category II 2G acc. to 94/9/EC) the IR CO2 is suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres zone 1 and zone 2 Systems solutions. The shock resistant enclosure (EEx) is made of conductive, glass fiber reinforced polyester.

H2S Gas Detector
H2S Gas Detector

H2S gas detector is electrochemical sensors for the detection of toxic gases. These sensors generate an electrical current proportional to the actual gas concentration.

The remote sensor heads are designed as intrinsically safe certified 4 – 20 mA transmitters and have an integrated concentration display. The H2S controller power supply and common alarm module clip on to a DIN rail.

The remote sensor heads and any alarm or recording devices connect to terminals on the front of the controller. The H2S controller has three relays for alarm 1 and 2 system failure (115 / 230 V AC / 2 A).

An analog output for recorder or process control systems is also included. Measured values are displayed on 8 digits LED-display. It is easy to program or calibrate the H2S controller! Just follow the menu! If sensor heads are to be installed in division 1 areas, they can be connected via intrinsically safe repeaters. The 24 V power supply as well as the signals for the common alarm module are transmitted via bus from one controller to the next. All terminals are easily accessible from the front.

HC Detection System
HC Detection System
Detection system comprehensive explosion protection

The transmitters IR Ex are certified acc. to the directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) and marked by II 2G, indicating that they are suitable to be operated in zones 1 and 2. Also, IR Ex is approved acc. to the IEC standard.

Systems Solutions

The shock-resistant enclosure (EEx e) is made of conductive, glass fiber reinforced polyester. Combined with a suitable 4 to 20 mA controller the IR Ex transmitters satisfy the customers’ needs for maximum safety and system availability.

Drager Polytron IR EX

The transmitter IR Ex is a measuring instrument with an optical system which, based on its 2-fold reflected IR-beam and its optimized IR measuring wave length, is very sensitively reacting on hydrocarbon concentrations. Hence for e.g. propane, butane, gasoline vapors, ethers, alcohols, or amines etc. measuring ranges down to 1000 ppm or 5 % LEL full scale value can be adjusted. Also, measuring ranges up to 100 % by vol. for methane are possible.

Configurable measuring range
  • (full scale value) IR Ex and IR Ex IL
  • Gas type methane20 to 100 % LEL
  • 0.8 to 5.0 % by vol.
  • 5.0 to 100 % by vol.
  • 20 to 100 % LEL
  • 1.0 to 10 % by vol.

Transmitter ATEX II 2G EEx me [ib] d IIB+H 2 T4,– 40°C = To +65°C IEC Ex me[ib] d IIB

Regard 3900 Control System
Regard 3900 Control System

The Dragger Regard 3900 is a standalone, self-contained control system for the detection of Toxic,Oxygen and Ex hazards. The control system is fully configurable between 1 and 16 channels, depending upon the type and quantity of input/output boards installed. Transmitter input boards for 4 to 20 mA signals can be mixed with relay output boards in the same control system. The robust IP 65 housing allows the control system to be installed in almost any location, excluding hazardous, classified areas. Developed with an innovative modular design means that the entire system is suitable for the most stringent of budgets. At any time, the control system can be up-graded to meet with plant extensions and changes.

Depth and Rate of Penetration
Depth and Rate of Penetration

This sensor is used to detect the Kelly position and the direction of the Kelly (up or down), Five Star Petroleum fabricates draw work sensor uses two inductive sensors detect the moving of the iron gear which installed directly on the draw work shaft. The draw work gear has a specific numbers of teeth and each inductive sensor is able to detect whether the metal of the serrated target is covering the proximity sensor face, or whether one of the gaps in the target is in front of sensing face.

Technical Specifications

Protection: II 2G EExia IIC T6.
Wires: 4 wires sensor (2 wires for each sensor).
Voltage supply: 8VDC for each sensor.
Signal type: Digital.

Line Tension Sensors
Line Tension Sensors

The line tension transducer provides a 4-20 mA loop powered electrical output proportional to a wire rope's single line up to 100,000 Ibs. (45360 Kg) when loop powered by 13 to 28 Volts DC.

Technical Specifications

Capacity: 100,000 lb (45360 Kg).
Applications: Designed for all deadline tension electronic sensing applications.
Operating temperature: -40° to 180°F (-40° to 82°C).
Temperature compensated: to within .01% per degree Fahrenheit.
Installation: Installs on wire rope sizes 7/8′ through 2′ diameter.
Loop power supply: 13-28 V.
Output: Standard 4-20 mA output, two wire loop powered.
Certified: intrinsically safe ll 1G EEX iallB T6 to EN50 020.

Rotary Torque
Rotary Torque

The current transducer provides a Hall-Effect sensor with an integrated signal conditioner. All units are packaged in a split core configuration for ease of installation. Application flexibility is provided by a wide variety of input current ranges and output signal types.

  • AC/DC Current Sensing.
  • Torque measurements.
  • Hazardous Locations such as Offshore Platforms, Petrochemical Plants, Mines, Flour Mills, etc.
Technical Specifications

Measurement method: Hall Effect clamp.
Output signal: 0-10 V.
Range: 0-1000 Ampere.
Sensitivity: <1 mV.
Operating current: 100 mA.
Operating voltage: 15 VDC.
Installation location: Clamped around power cable to drive motor in Zone I.
Certificate: Eexib IIC T6.

Pressure Transducer
Pressure Transducer (SPP,CP)

The Pressure Transmitters are specifically designed for oilfield measurement applications and other duties requiring the highest levels of stability and reliability in rugged operational environments. These transmitters employ the latest developments in ceramic-diaphragm sensor technology. A four-arm strain-gauge bridge circuit, fused into the ceramic at 1000°C, is connected to a 4-20mA 2-wire current amplifier; all housed in a heavy duty stainless steel body. Available in ranges up to 15,000PSIs (1000bar) and with <0.15% accuracy, they can be supplied with a variety of terminations and ports to cover a wide range of connection requirements appropriate to the oilfield equipment user.


Eexia IIC T4

Mud Pit Level Sensors
Mud Pit Level Sensors

The mud pit level-measuring device monitors single pit levels and the total pit volume through a non-contact measuring principal for continuous level measurement with ultrasonic pulses. The Probe is an ultrasonic level monitor combining sensor and electronics in a single package. It is designed to measure liquid levels in closed vessels. The sensor houses the ultrasonic transducer and temperature sensing element. The Probe emits a series of ultrasonic pulses from the transducer. Each pulse is reflected as an echo from the material and sensed by the transducer.

The echo is processed by The Probe using Milltronic's proven 'Sonic Intelligence' techniques. Filtering is applied to help discriminate between the true echo from the material and false echoes from acoustical and electrical noises and agitator blades in motion. The time for the pulse to travel to the material and back is temperature compensated and then converted into distance for display, mA output and relay actuation.


EExia IIC T6 IP65, Class I Zone 0


Echo Process

The echo is processed by The Probe using Milltronic's proven 'Sonic Intelligence' techniques. Filtering is applied to help discriminate between the true echo from the material and false echoes from acoustical and electrical noises and agitator blades in motion. The time for the pulse to travel to the material and back is temperature compensated and then converted into distance for display, mA output and relay actuation.


EExia IIC T6 IP65, Class I Zone 0


Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor with Two Wire Transmitter

The Temperature PT-100 sensor is a Platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) which offers high accuracy over a wide temperature range (from -200 to 400 °C). Due to the sensor’s wide range (-200 °C to 400 °C), it can be used as a thermometer for experiments in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth science, Environmental science and is mostly suitable for water and other chemical solution temperature measurements. The PT-100 sensor is mostly used for industrial applications, where the high precision of the PT-100 is required.

Due to its low temperature measurement response and high accuracy, this is a very powerful sensor for monitoring liquid gases and other materials. The output signal range of 4-20 mA is accepted by the data logger Analog/Digital converter then the temperature is calculated & recorded in the software.


EXII 1 G EExia IIC T6/ T5/ T4

Mud Conductivity Sensor
Mud Conductivity Sensor with Two Wire Transmitter
  • This sensor is used to measure the conductivity of the mud during drilling.
  • The form of the sensor is a ring. Applied magnetic field and after processing the return effect it can give you the conductivity value.
  • This sensor has two parts, one is the sensor that will immerse inside the mud and the other part is the transmitter that can process the value, you can calibrate and adjust the sensor settings on it.
  • Clear, easy to read two line display shows commissioning menus and process measurement displays in English.
  • Simple to use menu structure.
  • Measures conductivity, resistivity, total dissolved solids, or custom curve variable.
  • Automatic temperature sensor recognition simplifies start up.
  • Automatic compensation for sensor cable resistance improves accuracy of high conductivity/ low resistivity measurements.
  • Temperature compensation algorithms.
Technical Data

Minimum conductivity: 200 ìS/cm
Maximum conductivity: 2 S/cm
Maximum temperature: PEEK: 120°C (248°F)
Display: Two lines, 16-character display. Character high 4.8 mm, first line shows process variable, second Line shows process temperature and output current. Fault and warning messages, when triggered, alternate with temperature and output readings. During calibration and programming, messages, prompts, and editable values appear on the line display.


EXII 1 G EExia IIC T6/ T5/ T4

Mud Weight Sensor
Mud Weight Sensor
  • This sensor is used to measure the mud weight by measuring the pressure.
  • Two Two level sensors dive with different depths into the mud, the upper sensor needs a minimum depth of 5-10 cm, and the distance between the two sensors is about 30 cm.
  • The sensors will give via galvanic isolators the difference between two signals to the differential amplifier.
  • The differential Amplifier gives at the output a 4-20 mA signal to the A/D converter.
  • The sensors and isolators are ATEX certified.
Technical Specifications

Measured variable: Hydrostatic pressure of a liquid.
Measurement range: The Sensor type is LGC-KSR1D-12AN-Ex R1D stays for a pressure rang of 0-0, 4bar.
Input signal: change in capacitance.
Output signal: 4 ... 20 mA for hydrostatic pressure measured value, two wires.
Supply voltage: 10 V ... 30 V DC.
Electrical connection: 3 terminals in terminal housing as standard.
Ex approval: TÜV 01 ATEX 1749.




Various software products from on-line data acquisition at the rig site to office the data processing systems are covering wide range of the mud logging needs. We believe that the software installed to Five Star Petroleum mud logging unit is an essential part of the services we provide to our clients.

FSP Software
Five Star Petroleum Drilling Technology Control Integrated System – FSP

On-line data acquisition and processing, database recording, drilling parameters control, precise calculations makes real time well monitoring easier and more effective than ever before.

The main features of the on-line software package are:
  • Drilling status definition.
  • Hydraulic, PVT, bit, formation evaluation and other calculations.
  • On-line hydrocarbon chromatographic gas analysis system.
  • Variety of the screen patterns, where every important parameter can be included to monitor.
  • Dxc, swab, surge and hydraulic calculation.
  • Data history plays back.
  • Drilling, tripping, casing monitors.

FSP is the real time intelligence system of data acquisition, data processing and data managing, distributed in a local network. FSP configuration:

  • The main computer plays the role of on-line data acquisition and data storing server.
  • The computer for data processing, reports and logs building and printing.
  • Additional remote workstations for company man & well site geologist.
  • Rig monitor located at the driller working place.
  • The central server computer provides the following functions of system operation.
  • Connection of up to 100 sensors.
  • Data collection from peripheral sensors and immediate saving to the computer storage for news processing.
  • Sensors calibration, including sensors with nonlinear responses, and a mathematical filtration of the noise.
  • Data exchange with different types of chromatographs, calibration and processing of the chromatogram.
  • Main technological parameters.
  • A control of mud gain/loss.
  • Parameters of deviation for the current bit depth.
  • Hydrodynamic calculations in the well.
  • Real-time control of the gas in the hole and surface equipment.
  • Real-time control of the cuttings in the hole.
  • Real-time binding of the parameters to the lag depth.
  • Real-time D-exponent and SigmaLog calculations.
  • Calculation of the technological operations and modes duration.
  • Parameters summary and statistics for each bit run.
  • Parameters calculations for different technological modes: drilling, tripping, casing, kick control etc.
  • Saving parameters to a Data base of mud logging unit server.
  • Providing the remote clients by real-time data.
  • Periodic auto save of the data to avoid data loss in case of power supply fault.
  • The log of system operations and operators control.

The FSP software can be integrated to wide range of the hardware data acquisition systems, signal conditioners, analogue digital converters by our specialists after conducting detailed technical analysis of the interface of interconnection of the client equipment.

The remote workstations are provided with the specialized software and the equipment of on-line review of the data. The remote client workstation can be equipped with video/sound conference facilities providing on-line visual communication between workstations in the local net.

The software has no limitations for connected workstations of real – time data monitoring. The monitoring forms and screens are formed by specialists of our company depending on the customer request.

Data Processing Interpretation Center
Data Processing Interpretation Center – DPIC

We pay much attention to database storing, data integration and interpretation, reports producing and up to scale fine logs printouts. That is provided by means of software kit, which allows the preparation of the data in a modern style according to the requests of the Customer as follows:

  • Database editing.
  • Flexible graphic and numeric screen and print forms design.
  • Wire-line and mud logging data integration and correlation.
  • Continuous colored print logs using numeric and graphic forms on normal or transparent media.
  • Data re-processing and reports building.
  • Lithology interpretation and lithology percentage managing.
  • Stratigraphic and formation representation.
  • Geologic, operation, fossils, text and/or other special signs comments.
  • Supporting a variety of data storing formats and import/export conversions.
  • Final well report produced up to the Customer request.
Pressure Evaluation - P-eval
Pressure Evaluation - P-eval

The evaluation of formation pressure by Five Star Petroleum P-eval software is an integral part of the well planning and formation evaluation process.P-eval provides a successful estimation and calculation for:

  • Pore pressure evaluation.
  • D-exponent calculation.
  • Sigma log calculation.
  • Overburden pressure.
  • Fracture pressure.
  • Kick tolerance.
Data Scan Communication - DSC

By using modem and data transmission possibilities, the database, the screens and/or printouts that you choose can be produced at any company location anywhere in the world. The database can be transmitted in real time or in replay modem via telephone, radio or satellite provided that the link is suitable (necessary line quality...etc). This gives facility to the client's main database system to be in connection with the well site unit data information system. The data transmitted can be displayed or printed out using different forms or screens format.

The Network

The way of communication between the software components is built on the DCOM technology and leaves no chance for data loss or misinterpretation that is why it is open for import/export procedures of other data storing formats.

Geologist Workstation

The combination of the hardware equipment and software tools makes the geologist workplace affective and easy to use environment to fulfill complete geological service including:

  • Total gas detecting system.
  • PH meter data interpretation.
  • Auto calcimeter data processing.
The Software Policy

We, at Five Star Petroleum company, consider that our services is not complete until we fulfill all the customer requirements, since our flexible software products allows us to meet every reasonable request from the client.

Early Kick Detection System
Early Kick Detection System

Five Star Petroleum researches supported by many petroleum companies have shown that (EKD) Early Kick Detection system offers cost reduction benefits in exploration and production from high pressure and high temperature formations.

Early kick detection system can be used as a standalone system or integrated with the mud logging service. The hardware part of the system configuration uses three flow meters to measure delta flow, one on the flow out line, another on the standpipe flow in line, and the third on the flow line from the trip tank to annulus.

Five Star Petroleum early kick detection system is designed so that a variety of different flow sensor technologies can be used, including (electromagnetic flow meters, mass flow meters and Doppler sensors). Signals from the three flow meters are fed to a high speed computer system for real time processing using dedicated software which models the dynamics of the mud in the hole.

Early kick detection systems have the capability to reliably detect less than one bbl of formation fluid influx for high pressure high temperature wells in order to minimize well control safety risk and maximize possible well operations/design cost benefits.

Other Services
Other Services

Five Star Petroleum manufactures and assembles DNV certified cabins of mud logging units and other services.

In cooperation with Five Star Petroleum alliance partners can supply international companies with high performance: Drilling Rigs, Coil Tubing Units, Pumping, Casing Running, Cementing, Directional Drilling, MWD Services, Drilling Fluids, Fishing and Rental Tools, H2S Services, Mud Logging, WellTesting, Wireline Logging and Perforating, Core and cuttings petrographic studies, Operations geology services.

We can also provide technical personal with our alliance partners: Complete drilling rig crew, complete crew for any well services unit listed above, Company Man, Drilling Supervisors, Production Supervisors, Wellsite geological supervisors, Remote geo-steering and remote geological supervision, Directional Drilling and MWD supervision, Mudlogging and gas detection supervision, Special geological operations supervision (DST, Coring, Wireline) Geological, Drilling chemicals as per API specification and running the operations with high experience mud engineers worked in many different international companies in North America, Gulf area and around the world.

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